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Odin's Challenge

When Odin and the other Legends took the fight with the Dragon Archer away from Sál Eldur he was near death. What helped saved Odin was his training with Zen Meditation.


Odin is a disciple of Sun Tzu and Maudgalyayana. He studied their teachings of war, peace, and meditation healing for 10 years while he wandered Sál Eldur.


Using his meditative skills Odin was able to fully heal his body and mind and return to battle and defeat the Dragon Archer.


Your challenge is to hone your skills and master zen meditation to allow your body and mind to be healed.


The first step on your journey is to read "Zen Shorts" and be able to answer the Three Questions with conviction and reason. If you are able to then you may be blessed with the skill of Zen Meditation.


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